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Jyotsna (HR Manager)

Young mum of a 2 yr old angel, swimmer, bookworm, travel enthusiast

I joined TVSM last year and feel great about deciding to join. It is a great company for numerous reasons, first and foremost - respect for people. TVSM not only propagates but actually lives with its five core Values and also inherits rich Indian culture. I feel proud to work in this company and feel somewhere contributing to the Indian economy by working in an Indian company. In the end I would like to say TVSM is a “Great Place to Work”

Life @ ElasticRun

Why you Should Join ElasticRun

Create and Disrupt

We continue to build new products, disrupting the current business models. We won’t accept status quo. Our creations would leave a mark. Be part of this exhilarating journey and experience the rush, the highs and lows of creating, building things from scratch.

Challenge Yourself

We continue to push the boundaries of scale and pace. We won’t settle for incremental changes. We are impatient with steady state.Explore the range of opportunities from launching a new business line in record time to scaling current operations 100x in one-tenth the time.


We hire business leaders. Our best sales leader are our architects, operations managers are top of the line product managers and HR Managers turned out to be best operators. Find out your skills along with your passions. Groom yourself to be the future entrepreneurs. Build your all round business skills with us.


We are enthused with an open culture, being surrounded by some of finest thinking brains and freedom to pursue our passions. Join us to explore your purpose and enjoy the creation along the way.

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